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Rooms are of different sizes, from the small “AMSTERDAM” (18 sq.m) to the “NEW YORK” suite (60 sq.m).
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B&B Metropolis via Verdi, 34
57126 Livorno
Mobile: +39 3299562740


Things to do

Livorno is a leading port of call for cruise liners, with about 500 landings a year (800,000 passengers). In addition to cruise tourism, Livorno is the point of departure and arrival for the main islands and ports of the Mediterranean.

The main companies covering these routes are Navarma, Toremar, Moby Lines, Corsica ferries and Sardinia ferries.

During your stay in Livorno do not miss a visit to the typical “Venezia” quarter, which is criss-crossed by saltwater canals and is situated in the heart of the old part of Livorno. The Venezia district is the most charming part of the city.

It was conceived in the 17th century as an island crossed by bridges and canals, which survive to this day, making it similar to the real Venice. In the 18th century it attracted wealthy foreign merchants.

Thanks to its original appearance, the quarter has numerous characteristic pubs and restaurants, and in early August it hosts the “Effetto Venezia” event.

Another highlight of the city is the marvellous seafront promenade, built in the early 20th century with spectacular liberty buildings, which continue to attract the interest of architects, town planners or just lovers of beauty.

The food is good in Livorno… Fish dishes in particular, even though the influence of inland areas means that restaurants also offer typical country dishes, such as ribollita (a type of vegetable soup), “land” soups and wild boar meat, all cooked with the extraordinary Tuscan olive oil. We suggest the following restaurants to try the best of Livorno’s cuisine: Ristorante Motorino, Cantina Senese, Angelo d’oro


 The owner of B&B metropolis has travelled to 53 countries all over the world, and has always worked in the tourism industry. His love of tourism and the warm welcome given to his guests make B&B metropolis a place where you can feel relaxed and have everything you need while on your travels. This B&B is ideal for anyone having to stay in Livorno for relatively long periods of time: large rooms, bathroom and kitchen, as well as “customised” assistance.

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